Artisans of Atlantia, mark your calendars for the seventh day of March to be in the Barony of Raven's Cove to display your arts and sciences for all!
The site is the Celtic Court at the Mad Boar in Wallace, NC
directly off I-40 with a Holiday Inn Express on site,
food close by LOTS of space for displays and competitions,
a play from the Commedia Troupe and more!

There are a number of competitions,
displays are THE MAIN theme of the day
and are asked to be in place by 1130

The Site

The site will be the The Mad Boar Inn, Celtic Court(131 River Village Place Wallace, NC 28466),
Troll opens at Sat, 7-Mar-15 at 0900 and closes at 1430 (2:30 pm)

There are rooms set aside at the Holiday Inn Express on site for $99/night
Please use the group name of The Society for Creative Anachronism for the rate.
Please reserve as soon as possible!


Gyrth Oldcastle Poetry Smackdown

It is not too early to start thinking about your poems for the Smackdown at KASF.
Remember this is done in good fun.
There is no pressure.
It is a good place for novices and others who may wish to start performing their poetry to come and recite.
Your poems can be read.
Please remember you do not need to write a poem in each category, that is optional.
You may write one or more poems at your discretion.
Again, the object here is to have fun!

Entry Fee

Write one period poem of any length placing Gyrth Oldcastle as the hero in a folktale.
Adapt any folktale or make up your own based on his life, and make him the hero–with his words,
with his wit, with his deeds, with his cunning or with his love.
This challenge is designed so that those who did not know Gyrth can put him in any story and
those who did know Gyrth can tell us about him.

One Slam Poem and One Praise Poem

Write two poems in any medieval style of your choosing. One should praise an inanimate object
(a rock, a spoon, a wall, etc.) or insect(flea, bee, cricket, etc.) and
the other should slam an inanimate object or insect.
Don’t tell what the object or insect is – we must guess from your poem.

One Poem of the Writer's Choice

Give us a poem on any subject, event or person of your choice written in a medieval genre.
Please be prepared to give us a sentence or two explaining the style of your poem.

Point of Contact

Lady Katarzyna Witkowska, ()443) 813-1436(443) 813-1436

Backlog Scroll Competition

If you are a novice scribe, a work in progress, or an accomplished scribe,
please help the kingdom out through helping to eliminate the Backlog Scroll list.
Please contact Lady Ameilia Rosa, the Kingdom Backlog Deputy, Aka Amy Nardone
For an assignment, or many if you do not already have an assignment or so.

The Competitions


How many can you do? Though quantity is the factor,
quality is still expected, and documentation is required.


For the best scroll with documentation as determined by the populace

Point of Contact

Mistress Mordeyrn Tremayne, OP, The Autocrat

Atlantia Arts and Science Champion

This is the last of three events in Their Majesties reign that they would like to have this competition in their search for an Arts and Sciences Champion.
The Atlantian Arts and Sciences Champion will be selected for excellence in any static Art or Science recognized from our time period.

The Duties and Responsibilities of the Arts and Sciences Champion

The Atlantian Arts and Sciences Champion is expected to encourage Arts and Sciences throughout the Kingdom of Atlantia.
They should sponsor at least one competition during their tenure.
They should teach in such venues as are available and reasonable.
They are expected to compete as the Atlantian Arts & Sciences Champion at Gulf Wars.

Selection of the Arts and Sciences Champion

The selection of the Atlantian Arts and Sciences Champion will be made solely
by the King and Queen of Atlantia (in consultation with respected authorities in the A&S community).
There are no other judges for this position.

Individuals wishing to vie for this role will be given several opportunities to display their
work for Their Majesties to see. Display space for entrants was available at Fall Crown and Kingdom
Twelfth Night with Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival being the final event to display your work

The new Atlantian Arts and Sciences Champion will be announced at this event.

Specific Gulf Wars Requirements for This Position

The Atlantian Arts & Sciences Champion is expected to participate in the Gulf Wars
XX Arts and Sciences Champion’s Battle.
This competition takes place on Thursday, from 8am - 4pm.

Persona Pentathlon

NOW is the time to start working on your Persona Pentathlon entries!
Come join out finest artisans as they show their creativity and versatility.
Details are below and can be found at
Please address all questions to gmorrismusic at, and I'll do my best to answer any and all questions.
In Service,
Mistress Jessamyn di Piemonte

The Atlantian Order of the Laurel would like to invite any and all to enter their annual
Persona Pentathlon and Persona Triathlon to be held at Kingdom Arts and Science Festival on March 7, 2015.
What is the Persona Pentathlon and the Persona Triathlon?
Persona Pentathlon is a competition where each entrant submits five items
that a single persona would have owned or used.
Your entry does NOT have to be YOUR persona.
But the five items need to be for one persona.
There are seven categories and three of your five items must be from three different categories.
The categories include suggested entries, but are not limited to such.

Persona Triathlon is for youth (17 and under) entrants

who must have three different items that relate to a single persona.

Category 1

pigments & inks

Category 2

clothing accessories (including belts, pouches, and fans),
clothing/costume (600-1100, 1101-1350, 1351-1450, 1451-1600, or non-European)
knotted work
needlework (counted thread or free form)

Category 3

glass blowing
stained glass

Category 4

basket weaving
brewing & vintning
furniture making
herb craft
soap making
toys & games
weaving (full-sized fabrics or narrow bands)

Category 5

lyric composition
music composition
performance (vocal, instrumental, poetry, storytelling)
dance performance and composition
martial arts performance
research paper

Category 6

chain mail
jewelry smithing
iron work
tool making
leather work
wood carving and construction
making musical instruments

Category 7

heraldic display
horse barding
and anything else that just doesn’t seem to fit into the other categories

Please Note

Each item must have separate documentation.
which will use the youth triathlon form.
If you wish to enter a RESEARCH PAPER as one of your category entries,
you MUST contact Mistress Jessamyn di Piemonte no later than MARCH 1, 2015
so that she can arrange to have your paper read BEFORE KASF.

Point of Contact

Contact Mistress Jessamyn at gmorrismusic at
if you have any concerns or to consult about the categories your entries
might fall under so that they meet the entry requirements.

Royal Baker Competition


It is almost time to select the new Kingdom Baker.
Those wishing to become the next Kingdom Baker must show proficiency in the field by providing a bread,
a pie, and a pastry with documentation (E-Z Doc is fine).
Please notify me if you wish to enter via email.

Point Of Contact

Lady Margaret of Buckrode, Kingdom Baker

Royal Brewer Competition


* Three entries in at least two different categories

* Basic documentation (recipe and process) would be required and more in depth documentation is strongly encouraged

* The categories and the judging criteria would be Atlantian Brewers Guild standard

* The categories are beers & ales, meads & wines, cordials, and cyser/perry

(depending on the number of entries, judges have the option of folding cyser/perry into meads & wines).

The sitting Royal Brewer runs the competition to choose the next one, pending Their Majesties' approval on the decision.
Our current Royal Brewer, Lord Brian Crawford, has modern conflicts, so Mistress Sorcha Crowe will manage this year's competition
on Lord Brian's request. We aspire to having three judges in place as is traditional.

Note that the site has given us permission to have alcohol for the competition ONLY

. Please bear in mind that as with all Kingdom notables, criteria is subject to the whim of Their Royal Majesties.

Point Of Contact

Lord Brian Crawford, Royal Brewer
royalbrewer AT

Inter-Baronial Artisan Competition


Each set of sitting Landed Baronage is invited to select a representative to participate
in the InterBaronial Competition. The representative may be chosen in any manner that
their Excellencies see fit.

Display space will be provided for the entries. One Entry per Atlantian Barony.

The Competing Artisans should be present (preferred) but another may bring their
item and act as their proxy.

The Artisans (or their proxies) will also act as the judges.
Entries should be in place by 11:30 (as per the schedule) and
there will be a meeting of all artisans and Proxies at 12-noon for
judging discussions and assignments.

Point Of Contact

Master James of Middle Aston

From - To Competition/Display

This type of project is an exercise in living history, taking the arts, crafts, and sciences
of a number of people and learning them all so that you can create something from its inception to
its end product, working the whole process with your own hands, gaining an appreciation for the art,
finesse, and endeavoring spirit of medieval artisans and tradesmen.

Those who wish to compete please mark your entry accordingly and sign up on the entrant sheet.

If you would like feedback only on your project please provide a means of recording the words
of the judges and attendees who view your work.

All participants are encouraged to bring touchable samples of various stages,
tools or a test product for others to try a hand with, or other facet of the process
that would allow participation by others rather than simply viewing the documentation and end product.
They are also encouraged to commit to spending a small portion of the day with their display explaining and
answering questions.

Point Of Contact

Saaida Sajah bint-Habushun ibn-Ishandiyar al-Hajjaji

Art and Archery Display/Competition

Have you made a period Archery Target?
Have you made a period bracer or bow or crossbow?
Have you made period arrows or crossbow bolts?
Have you made period points or a quiver?
There is A LOT of Arts in Archery and this is the time for these items to come out and be displayed!!!

I am asking people to bring their Arts in Archery items to be displayed.
There will be tables set up for us, just come and drop off your item and let those in our Kingdom bask in its glory.
I and a few judges (Judges - To be determined) will pick our favorite and award a prize.
Documentation is encouraged but not required.

I can't wait to see your items!!!! If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Point of Contact

Baroness Esperanza Susanna Flecha

After Event Pot Luck Social - CANCELED

Find your best way to I-40, exit 385.
When you come off the exit ramp, from Northbound, turn left, from Southbound, turn right.
River Landing is on your left 0.1 miles from the exit.
River Landing is on your left 0.1 miles from exit.



Mistress Mordeyrn Tremayne, (Angela Sharpe)
Angela.k.Sharpe at gmail


Lady Amira of Raven's Cove, (Tammy Mullins)
Tammy.Mullins at

Head Hall Steward

Lady Muirren ingen Mercainn, (Kathleen Salder)
SalderKr at

Assistant Hall Steward

Lady Brigit Griphyne, (Megan Stancill)
Mgstancill at

Commedia Troupe Liason

Baron Torquil, (Dusty Mullins)
Duston.Mullins at

Head Troll

Lord Lothian ap Lyonesse

Assistant Head Troll

Lady Dar

The site fee for the event is:
$10.00 for Adult SCA Members
$15.00 for Adult NON-SCA Members
$ 5.00 for Young Adults 11-17
Free for those 10 and under


Welcome Merchants!

Please contact the autocrat if you plan to merchant

Assorted Other Activities

Silent Auction

The Barony is planning on a silent auction of goods that will certainly pique your interest.
How can you help, you may ask? If you have things of great treasure that you would be willing to donate
to the cause, please let Lady Amira of Ravens Cove or Baroness Katherine know.
We would love to help recycle goodies to those who can certainly use them along with raising
a little funds for our barony.

Or, if you don't wish to donate goods, please feel free to bid on an item and help us that way.
Being the baby barony, we are trying to build our baronial goods to look like those of our older cousins.
Please help us out.

Commedia dell' Arte by the troupe i Firenzi!

The Commedia Troupe will be presenting the PG/PG-13 play entitled "The Fake Magician"
at 1330 (1:30 PM) in the Renaissance Room.
The POC is Lady Sophia the Orange, Capocomico, i Firenzi, Atlantia MOAS Deputy for Performing Arts.

Class: The Testament of Francois Villon

Class Description: Francois Villon was a 15th Century French poet.
He wrote in the Ballade style. His style and angst are clearly visible in his "Testament."
This class will be in the Renaissance Room at 1100
There is no cost to attend.
Teacher: Lady Katarzyna Witkowska (Katherine Hawkins)

Event Schedule
Subject to Change
0900 Troll Opens, all competitions open for entrants to organize their displays.
1030 Class (Renaissance Room) "The Testament of Francois Villon." Taught by Lady Katarzyna Witkowska

Inter-Baronial Competition Pieces need to be IN PLACE, Judging commences...
1130 All A&S entries should be in place

Royal Brewer and Royal Baker Competition Entrants Start Set up in Renaissance Room
Noon Play (Main Stage) "The Fake Magician" Presented by the Commedia Troupe
1300 Poetry Smackdown (Main Stage)
1330 Troll Closes
1500 All Competition Winners Need to be Determined by this time
1600 Court (Main Stage)
About 1730 Directly after Court All works must be picked up by this time
Directly after Court Tear Down/Clean up
1800 Hall closes

After event Social- CANCELED