Greetings, good gentles! I bring forth a small challenge for the performing arts community at KASF. I will host a competition for A&S themed entries! I’d love to hear (and see!) your song, story, or poem regarding any area of A&S to which you choose to pay homage. We will have an in-person competition on Saturday at KASF, exact time and location to be determined. There will be a small panel of judge determining prizes for multiple categories, such as most creative, most humorous, best song, best story, best poem, best overall performance, and more.

What do I mean by A&S? I mean just that; any form of Arts & Sciences is a fair topic for this competition! Come tell a story about weaving or nalbinding; sing a song about dance; bring a poem about sewing or bardic. Just come and entertain us with your A&S inspired piece! You may bring a piece already written (period or modern) by you or another person (properly credited), or you can write a new piece for this event. There are no rules regarding the time period or form of your piece, this is strictly about entertainment and honoring our A&S community. You may provide the piece in writing if you choose, but it is not required.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out: I look forward to hearing all of your A&S inspired pieces at KASF!

Yours in entertainment,
Lady Thórvé Skáld Rikardsdottir, Crown Bard

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