Evening Feast

While we recognize an evening feast is not usually part of a Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival, this year we are also honoring the Investiture of Tir-y-Don’s next Baron and Baroness, Jean Claude & Alyna. We would be honored to have you join us!

Our feast steward has prepared an amazing menu which is listed below. Ingredients are listed to help those with food sensitivities choose wisely.

Feast is limited to only 85 seats total so be sure to reserve your spot now. Reservations open until Wednesday, February 21! Via SCORES or Mail-in to the reservationist.

1st course:
Danish bread rolls flavored with herbs (Wheat and rye flours, yeast, salt, olive oil, herbs)
Turkish cheese spiced with herbs (Goat and feta cheeses, egg, herbs)
Raised pie of beef (Crust – wheat and rye flours; Filling – beef, carrots, verjuice, butter)
Danish pickled cabbage (Cabbage, salt, juniper berries, vinegar)

2nd course:
Turkish chicken and asparagus stewed with cheese and olives (Asparagus, chicken, chickpeas, farmer’s cheese, olives)
Gnocchi – cheese and flour dumplings with a garlic and walnut sauce (Gnocchi – cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, flour, egg yolks; Sauce – white bread, walnuts, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar)
Orange loaves – orange rinds preserved whole, with a cake baked inside (Oranges preserved in sugar; Filling – eggs, flour, sugar, butter, sherry)

3rd course:
Roasted pork with a spiced wine sauce (Red wine, coriander, ginger, cinnamon)
Spinach with pancetta and golden raisins
Parti-colored custard (Eggs, cream, sugar, food coloring)

4th course:
A great cake (Wheat flour, butter, sugar, almonds, currents, yeast, cream, ale, sherry, eggs)

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