Class Descriptions

BARDIC TIPS AND TRICKS Are you someone who wants to do bardic but isn't sure where to start? Are you already into bardic and are having some difficulties? Even if you want come just to come, Lady Brigit Donn will be teaching a class that takes Bardic 101 and How to Build a Bardic Book and mixes them together in a nice bowl, sprinkled with tips and tricks she has learned from her time as a bard both online and off.  

European Dance: Join Ladies Mirabella and Patches for a fun dance class. All levels welcome and partners not necessary. Dances to be determined by dancer interest, but can include Black Nag, Black Alman, New Boe Peep, Gathering Peas Cods. Live musicians are welcome to join.

Finger Loop Braiding Make and Take

We will learn to make a square braid.   Recommended for children 10+ Younger children can learn but sometimes haven't yet developed the necessary dexterity or attention. Students will need:  scissors - ruler/ measuring tape [no big deal if you don't have one] At least three yards of yarn in two colors each. Two skeins of embroidery floss is more than enough. Try to use string at least as thick as embroidery floss. Cotton pearle Gauge 3, fingering weight, or something that's 20WPI. Thicker is fine. Thinner and you'll never finish and you'll get frustrated.  And a shoe on one of your feet. Pre- cut kits available for a $1-$3 donation. More information, including patterns, can be found at sites such as and

Tartans in the Tarim: The Mysterious Mummies of Xinjiang

In the parched desert of the Tarim basin in western China, dozens of immaculately preserved mummies have been found dating back to 2100 BC. Bearing "European" features and red hair and clad in twill and tartan, they present a mystery to this day. Who were the Tarim people? What can their mummies tell us? And what can we learn from them

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