Poeta Atlantia


Greetings to the poets of Atlantia! The next Poeta Atlantiae (Kingdom Poet – a Notable position) will be chosen at KASF. Please consider sharing your muse with the Kingdom and Their Royal Majesties. The Poeta Atlantiae encourages and promotes poetry in bardic circles, poetry salons, and formal competitions. This person endeavors to make poetry an art to which others can aspire as well as something accessible and fun for everyone. They will also host the next Poeta Atlantiae competition in 2025 at KASF.

For this competition, poets should submit two well-crafted poems:
1. A piece that follows the poetic tradition (reflected in its topic, meter, style, rhyme scheme, alliterative elements, and/or idiom) of a particular culture and/or language group within the SCA period. The basis for this poem should be well-documented with cited descriptions and historical examples and include a bibliography.
2. A poem about Atlantia. This piece can focus on any aspect of the Atlantian ethos – its history, culture, mythology, military prowess, arts, people, stories, etc. This poem should be written to inspire others, make them laugh, give them some weighty thoughts, or some combination of all three. This poem does not require documentation, but documentation can be provided if the poet feels it is necessary to support the poem.

Poets should bring 4 hard copies of their poems and documentation.

Please contact the current Poeta, Lady Elizabeth de Spaldyng, by Feb. 28 if you wish to participate in this contest.
If you cannot attend KASF, please send Lady Elizabeth your poems and documentation as a PDF by Feb. 28.
Poetry is very important to Atlantia and we hope to see many wonderful entries!

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